I am a seasoned business developer with 15+ years of entrepreneurial leadership and investment experience in the real estate sector.

Recognized with multiple International Property Awards, including Best Development – Bentley Awards, Best Spa Development ‘Homes Overseas Award’ as well as a First Class Investment Certificate along with numerous awards and recommendations from some of Europes largest travel agencies.

My international real-estate ventures experienced a verifiable history of growth and expansion during my tenure as managing director and I have raised significant funds from various institutions, banks and third parties to participate in joint ventures.

Having navigated several business ventures through the economic crisis in 2008, I am adept at achieving maximum operational output with minimal resource expenditure and have learned how to adapt in order to survive and grow in challenging and rapidly changing markets.

I am also highly skilled at developing new business and nurturing key relationships to create win-win scenarios. With excellent people and communication skills I excel in the areas of sales, business negotiations, strategic staffing and staff motivation.

I’m innovative with respect to new venture development and business strategy creation with an ability to see the bigger picture. My strong business acumen together with my leadership skill set are the tools which transform my business goals into accomplished milestones.

Though business and extensive travel I have acquired an excellent contact network of very successful, highly skilled people who are top professionals in their relevant fields and who, like me, have a passion for the work which they do.

Colleagues describe me as a leader and motivator who is progressive, driven and down-to-earth.